an organized mess
I'm a writer.
I write because writing
has always been my escape to
a world filled with adventures that
my dismal life has never
experienced before.
I write because words can't
get stuck in fingertips
like they do in throats.


“ I am a very private person, yet I am an open book. If you don’t ask…I won’t tell. ”

— Unknown

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“ I want to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. I want to get more confident being uncertain. I don’t want to shrink back just because something isn’t easy. I want to push back, and make more room in the area between I can’t and I can. ”

— Kristin Armstrong

“ Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person. ”

— Gloria Steinem

“ Sometimes you just need to cry and be sad. You need to break down and be torn apart. You need to learn to pick yourself up and put yourself back together. Sometimes, the only way to be happy is to give into sadness first, because without sadness, there is no happiness; you would never learn to smile. ”



sometimes i just get upset because im not the person i want to be and i think about my future and it clouds my head with negative thoughts about how im not going to be important

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—Fernando Pessoa, “The Book of Disquiet”

“ I’m gonna write tonight!! ”

— Me fucking lying to myself

“ You never get to the point where you think “I am the adult”, but you do get to the point where you think “I’ve dealt with this before.” The older you get, the higher and higher the percentage is of things you’ve already been through. Have you ever changed a tire? Had a flat tire? Someday, you might, and the next time it happens, you’ll know what to do, since you’ve already done it. ”

— My dad. I’m 24, and asked if you ever shake the feeling of not being an adult, and this was his response. Probably the most comforting thing he could have said. (via uberwekkness)